The Meyerson Law Firm, P.C. Files Lawsuit Regarding Defective Heparin Being Used on Local Austin Man

On August 30, 2008, Shine Philip suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the emergency room at St. David’s hospital. No one would have guessed that he would end up completely blind from the experience. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have heart attacks each year in the United States, but most never suffer complete bilateral blindness. “I wanted to know why I lost complete vision in both eyes” Philip says. What the attorneys at Meyerson Cagle found was astonishing: Philip was exposed to multiple doses of a defective batch of a commonly used blood thinner known as Heparin. The defective ingredient causes profound hypotension, a leading cause of Ischemic Optic Neuropathy—or complete blindness. Meyerson Cagle immediately filed a lawsuit on behalf of this 43 year old father of three that faces a future of fear and uncertainty.

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