Recent Medical Malpractice Client Review

Five Stars!

I am very pleased with Mr. Meyerson and his firm! They did a great job of getting me what I deserve! Mr. Meyerson and his colleagues took on a very tough case and won an unwinnable case. He and his staff are always so nice and understanding. I you’re looking for the best lawyer, Mr. Meyerson is your man! I highly recommend him and I”m so thankful I got such a great lawyer to represent my case!

Penny Scott

Midland, Texas


  1. I need representation on a mal practice case. The makers are Bayer. I had a birth control device ESSURE put in my Fallopian tubes for a permanent birth control. I had to have a hysterectomy June 24 2019. Shortly after the covid started. I am currently seeing doctors on my health problems from the birth control. It has a black box warning on it. It was made of nickel and titanium. As I’ve been doing my research Bayer paid women to say the trial testing mar were ok when they really weren’t. I have the Asia syndrome which is auto immune diseases from a foreign body part being put in my body. It has made my hair fall out plus many other life sustaining illnesses that I will have for the rest of my life. When covid went on for over a year and a half it affected me from not being able to find any representation plus my health is totally affected from it. My name is Amy Prather my email is Rgank you for your time.

    1. Author

      Dear Amy,
      What is leading you to contact an attorney now? A statute of limitations may affect your claim.

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