Recall of St. Jude Eon Mini Spine Stimulators

St. Jude Medical has recalled certain models of Eon and Eon Mini implantable pulse generators (IPGs). IPGs are battery powered devices that are implanted into a patient’s spinal area and provide stimulation in order to reduce chronic pain.

IPGs require the implanted internal battery to be recharged. However, these devices suffer from significant problems. In certain models, the battery fails which then prevents the device from providing pain relief. In other cases, IPGs have severely burned patients while recharging the battery. Once a problem is detected, the devices must be surgically removed from the spinal area, subjecting the patient to a host of other risks and problems such as infection, pain and scarring.

St. Jude Medical (which is sometimes confused with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital) has announced that the battery failure problems stem from weld failures within the internal batteries of the units, sometimes allowing fluid to spill out. The battery is fully contained in the titanium shell of the unit, however, and is not at risk of leaking into the body.

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